Focuses on two primary objectives; controlling existing business and developing new business. Led by the founder of MRG, Pete Morentzos, this division brings daily financial accountability to the group and enforces a strong corporate culture without sacrificing MRG's operating flare. The corporate division has developed specialized and detailed accounting controls ensuring accurate and efficient money management producing various reports including but not limited to: weekly and monthly PNL's, weekly and monthly cash flow reports, quarterly and annual financial statements, product mix analysis, purchasing audits, inventory audits, sales audits, and an annual analysis of overall competitive performance versus marketplace. The corporate department conducts meetings with MRG's VP of Operations, Imad Nabwani, on a weekly basis to review the operating results of each restaurant. With respect to new business development, the corporate department sources, evaluates and qualifies all business opportunities with the input of all senior team members ensuring project feasibility, as well as ensuring that the proposed business model is consistent with corporate objectives and supports MRG core disciplines. He negotiates and manages all leases, management agreements, license agreements, joint ventures, and other contractual commitments made by MRG with his team of industry professionals.

  • Accounting controls
  • Lease management
  • Licensing