La Queue de Cheval

The concept of “La Queue de Cheval Steakhouse & Cigar Bar” is a North American Glamour steakhouse destination. The crown jewel of the Morentzos Restaurant Group accentuating excellence at every moment of a patrons dining experience, perfecting the art of dining as a form of entertainment. The signature open-exhibition kitchen, glass refrigerated meat lockers, opulent winding staircase, and massive round grill crowned by a dramatic 30 foot brass hood have a breathtaking effect letting patrons instantaneously know that they have arrived to a world class restaurant . La Queue de Cheval's USDA Prime beef is painstakingly dry aged in the restaurants meat lockers and is complimented by a large selection of shellfish and an abundance of market fresh fish. La Queue de Cheval is a multiple - award wining restaurant and is renowned on a worldwide scale continuously catering to the needs of its equally renowned clientele . The restaurant boasts a world class wine cellar, and offers its clients private dining alternatives as well as the always popular cigar bar.