Le Pois Penché

The concept of “Le Pois Penché” is a true Parisian brasserie that is consistent with the raison d'etre in all MRG concepts. Like La Queue de Cheval & Trinity the signature open-exhibition kitchen, abundant food displays, décor and music promote the quintessential spirit of the 'French brasserie'. Traditionally defined as "an unpretentious restaurant that serves drinks, specialty beer, and simple, hearty comfort food served in a dynamic atmosphere. Not to be confused with a bistro, which are traditionally small and, these days, fairly expensive, ‘Le Pois Penché' is truly a traditional brasserie offering the reliable standards without the precocious and over priced top-end wines. Clients may choose from a wide selection of moderately priced wine bottles, with over 30 wines served by the glass from a 'state-of-the-art' hydrogen system. The brasserie is open everyday from 7:00am until 3:00am and is open 24 hours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This casual restaurant concept caters to almost everyone, distinguishing it from the others in its innate accessibility, catering to young urbanites, midnight habitués, artists, business professionals, tourists and families alike. The immortal charm of the French Brasserie is revived at 'Le Pois Penché'.