The concept of MBCo is a lifestyle fine dining establishment offering patrons hand carved gourmet sandwiches, and those hard to find lifestyle products not available in traditional eateries,all within a value driven range of prices. A European culinary experience, all centered on innovative meal creations, MBCo falls into the category of a 'Quick Casual Dining' (QCD), with stores ranging in size from 250 sq. ft. up to 2000 sq. ft. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon and evening delight are available for enjoyment on site, or to be picked up to go. Delicacies include oven roasted chicken and brie pita, herbed oven baked egg white omelets, boutique style muffins, fair trade organic coffee and pizzas topped with exotic ingredients. Shoppers are able to savour limited production wines, such as the ultra-premium Robert Mondavi, Frescobaldi Luce and Shafer Firebreak by the glass.In this urban yet intimate setting,our clients can enjoy a Latte and a fanciful muffin or a healthy, oven roasted pita sandwich and salad to complete a truly epicurean meal! There's no doubt that food makes the event! MBCo offers the most supreme catering service, all of which is beautifully prepared and delivered. Selections can be made from our menu of classic specialties or a personalized menu can be created to suit the taste and imagination for any occasion. Moreover, MBCo clients can purchase unique merchandise and rare impulse items that are rarely found in any other concept of its kind.